We challenged our amazing faculty to answer as many questions as they can in 50 seconds in honor of our 50th!

Make sure to come back. More videos are on the way!

Ron Zamir- High School, Physics Department

Adina Steinberg- Middle School, Director of Middle School Programs

Yoram Roschwalb- High School, Director of Student Activities

Shoshana Bender- Academy, Lower School Judaic Studies

Michael Courtney- High School, Director College Counseling

Chavi Wilner- Academy, Operations Manager

Racheli Barris- High School, Tanach Department

Jenny Horowitz- Academy, Physical Education Director

Shany Ohayon- Early Learning Center, Faculty

Bonnie Meyers- High School, Spanish Language Dept.

Rabbi Jeff Ney High School, Director of Torah Guidance

Elayna Koevary- Middle School, History Dept., Name, Not Numbers Coordinator

Miriam Szafranski High School, Judaic Studies Department

Melissa Rothwax- Academy, Lower School General Studies

Shira Kroll- Early Learning Center, Office Administrator

Jennifer Fenster- Academy, Director of Communications

Sharon Sturm- Academy, Lower School Judaic Studies

Rosh Kehilla- Dina Najman Middle School, Chair Gemara Department

Rabbi Samuel- Pearlson Middle School, Judaic Studies

Joseph Coughlin- Middle School, History Department

David Glazer Academy, Music Chair

Ali Bloom- Middle School, 6th Gr GLC & General Studies

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